The second Christmas of the year

For poker players who make their living in Las Vegas, Christmas comes in June.  It’s hot, sunny, with barely any water about, let alone the sight of snow.  However, that’s when the World Series of Poker comes to town, and with it a lot of poker fans who bring their bankroll in hopes of achieving poker greatness.  I know of some who make their annual earnings in that time and the rest of the year is just gravy. 

All around there’s donkaments for people who think they crush their local home game and think they even have a blip of chance here.  Its almost sad to watch how quickly they realize how much they have to learn.  Its like moving the big fish from the little pond into the ocean and having him realize he’s really just a guppy.

That season of Christmas lasts almost 6 weeks.  However, we do get another taste of it starting about now.  This time between Christmas and New Years sees an influx of people who have their wallets filled with Christmas cash that they can’t wait to spend.  Some come thinking they’ll win it big and pay off all that Christmas credit card debt.  Others are so sick of family time, they can’t wait to get away. Still more are wanting to start the New Year with sins and debauchery.  Las Vegas is the natural choice so they come in early and spend too much on booze, on skimpy little outfits, on small ‘gourmet’ meals with big price tags, and of course, on the gambling to pay for it all.

Very few will leave with money in their pockets.  They’ll justify poor play with hangovers, holiday distractions and ‘the price of a good time’. That’s fine.  The money will stay here, some with me and that makes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy start to 2009

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